If you think you are a lost soul, I’m here to tell you that you are now found. The soul is the first “body”. What is it? Where is it? This is really a such an important mind concept to ponder. But it is my humble suggestion that we just take a little magical mystery tour on the magic carpet of your neutral mind.

Oh sure you could be a suffering soul, a happy soul, a wandering soul, a beautiful soul, an old soul or maybe just a fresh out of the box soul. It is really left up to you to realize the “soul body” that permeates all the space within you and all around you. If you were weighed right before death, I doubt you would weigh any different at the time of your death. It is at the time of your death that the wise ones say the soul leaves the body.

SO U Leave the body as an ethereal being that has been taking a little trip on a physical journey. I like to think of our physical body as a space suit that was invented by our consciousness/spirit/soul to have an adventure on earth with all of this planets requirements to survive in this atmosphere. An atmosphere changing quickly over the past 50 years. Changes that will require adjustments to be made in these space suits to be able to survive the environmental shifts and destruction and extinction of species at an accelerated pace. And with the technology that is developing we should be able to save ourselves, the planet and future generations. But since our lifetimes are so short this body will not be here to see what happens.

However! It is my own insight through my hours of meditation that I know for myself that this weightless awareness perhaps labeled a soul, will continue to recycle into other forms and my adventure will continue. It is here you may be of a completely different belief and I am so very good with you not be willing to ride on my magic carpet through the millions and billions of light years. Truly an insight that only an individual can have in their own perceptions.

I would be curious to hear from you what you have encountered when you ponder the concept of the soul. We cannot touch it or can we?

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