Bringing awareness to your body through breath and using it to control your emotions.

This is a quick introduction paragraph about what the topic is. Breathing brings awareness to your body.  The first breath at birth and last at death, what about the billions in between.  How do those affect us and how can we use it help control our emotions.

This second paragraph is for you to give some basic background on breathing and how it affects out lives.  How it’s been used in other cultures and religions as a method of control over the body.

There are tons of exercises, all about kundalini and guided mediation, here’s a quick

4 Step Quick Meditation

  1. Inhale nose, exhale nose.
  2. Pucker your lips and inhale, exhale through relaxed lips.
  3. Inhale nose, exhale relaxed lips.
  4. Pucker and inhale, exhale nose.
  5. Repeat


Links to your online classes

Video of recorded guided breath examples.

Incorporate mudras with your breath for more focus and impact.  A little blurb about using mudras and a link to the online library of mudras