sally dunn yoga

Spiritual Meditative Yoga Practice in Covington

Guided meditations, Kundalini Yoga and sound therapy.

Visit a class filled with people like you seeking harmony of mind and body. You’ll find doctors, nurses, chefs, athletes, counselors, mothers and fathers just like you.

Tuesdays, Wednesday, Saturdays  10am-11:30p  at House of Dunn 813 E. Rutland St. Covington La 70433.


Free class every second Tuesday of the month under the pavilion 1pm at the Northlake Nature Centre 23132 US-190 Mandeville La 70448

Kundalini yoga is an ancient and scientific technique.

The students learn how to meditate with both controlled breathing (pranayama) as well as natural breath.

They learn the significance of how the chakra system relates to the central nervous system, organs in the body and emotions. In kundalini we teach about the 11 bodies. Such as the mental body which has three minds: the negative (protective) mind, the positive (projective) mind and the neutral (meditative) mind. It includes sound and sound therapy with mantras and gongs.

What is a Spiritual Meditative Yoga session like?

First we tune in with a mantra so that we connect to the divine wisdom within  and without.

Then a warm up such as spinal flex, a flexible spine is the key to a youthful look and feeling no matter what one’s age.

Then into meditation, both kundalini and guided.  Into deep relaxation with sound therapy such as the gong.

Lastly we end with a little song, prayer or intention.

Physically you can heal many diseases, discomforts and pains in the body.

There are kriyas (exercises) for specific organs such as the kidneys, liver digestion, blood pressure etc.   Also emotional healing from childhood and present day anger, grudges, grief and loss.

Triumph over feelings of unworthiness, depression and lack of self esteem. 

The mind can repeat hurtful stories over and over again, perhaps you let someone down or caused them harm. These practices can stop this and heal the cycle of self punishment.


After the class you feel a sense of wellbeing and peace. Energized but calm.  Liberated, happy and healthy. A sense of emotional relief.  Physically rejuvenated.

Group practices are $20 and walk ins are welcome. Private sessions $100