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What is it about Kundalini that makes people feel good?

The breath in yoga is called prana. The life force. We take our first inhale at our physical birth and our last exhale when we transcend, pass away die… All the breaths in between are each very important because it is giving you life and it is a tool for help and healing because it both flows naturally without you thinking but also you can control it. Both types of breathing are number one  in Kundalini yoga practice. When you learn how to breath you step on the path of enlightenment. A calm abiding heart and equanimous mind kick in when working with the breath in conjunction with the use of mudras (position of the fingers) and postures and eye position. 

This practice will put you on the path of liberation from suffering.  

If I follow along with sessions online what do I need, where is best in my home?

The thickest mat you can find, a good cushion to elevate and tilt the pelvis area and straighten the spine. A good cotton blanket for when you lay down to rest. This allows the body to assimilate from the energy created during practice. A designated space is nice. Photographs and painting/statues of archetypes  that represent the values and virtues that you want to bring into your daily life. Natural lighting when possible. Essential oils as they can help heal emotions. A diffuse when pretty colors, a portable speaker for some inspirational music. Incense and smudge sticks Gemstones crystals and a Mala


Do we talk during kundalini yoga?

Yes before and after class. But generally the class is silent and meditating while doing the Kriyas (exercises) as they are focusing on going deeper into their subconscious and releasing the past emotions and thoughts that do not serve their higher purpose while on this planet.

Is kundalini and meditation part of a specific religion? 

It is all religions or none depending on perspective. I pull teachings from the Bible, Course in Miracles, the great masters and saints, The Dali Lama, Yogananda, Depak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckert Toole, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Robert Thurmand. Yogi Bhajan 

-Sally Dunn

Am I too old or too young for Kundalini?

From early years 9 months with their moms and well into their 80s It is for everyone because of the message.

-sally dunn

What is guided meditation?

You are led into total relaxation either sitting or lying down while  gently guided through your imagination.  This is where you can feel safe, loved and cared for. During this peaceful state you’re guided on how to release the things in your life that may be keeping you from feeling at home within yourself.

Is kundalini yoga a strenuous workout?

Kundalini yoga will shape your body, mind and spirit. Yoga means to bring together, to yoke. I take students through warm up postures that stretch and open the body gently and effectively. This prepares them for a particular kriya (active meditation) that we will work on that day. For example, prosperity,  then we may have a kriya that takes 15-20 minutes of a pattern of breath, mudra, mantra and posture. Unlike other yogas the eyes are closed during most of the class. So a person is woking deep within.  You can stop and start as needed for your own self care. It is as demanding as one wishes it to be.

-sally dunn