Have you ever contemplated how the body is just doing its own thing and you have almost no way of making it do anything you want it to do? It just keeps going through these really rapid changes right in front of your eyes without even the slightest courtesy of asking your permission. The weight shifts into places that you certainly would rather it didn’t and it grows up and out and loses its hair. We make all types of expensive efforts with hair dyes, fake nails and workouts at the gym that don’t make any lasting changes and certainly cannot stop this time table we have devised by celebrating every personal holiday as well as collective recurring holidays that seems to promote the idea of getting older and time going faster.

Sitting in a parking lot for just a moment before going into the grocery store, I cannot help but have a compassionate heart for what I perceive are unhealthy looking bodies as they push their baskets to and from their cars. Their bodies have become victims of the advertising programming of unhealthy foods that cause cravings.

When I was just a child, potato chips advertised that you could not eat just one. Wow, brilliant marketing. A mantra that you would overeat a non-food product that was laden with chemicals that were formulated to make your tongue addicted to their cheaply made but beautifully packaged toxins. 50 years later I still can’t eat just one. There are still times I cannot control my habitual longing for an experience of what feels momentarily yummy.

This is why my compassion kicks in when I see people still buying cases of soft drinks. It is first the positive mind making up the illusion that this will make me feel better, so go ahead and buy it. And not just one case. If you watch the ads you can buy many for very cheap. The cheap road to sickness and suffering placed everywhere you look if you leave your house. And if you bring it into your house you will certainly consume it.

Just for a moment imagine that every experience you have ever had has a memory cell embedded into your body and your mind. Now begin to think that the body is your teacher and talks to you! Upset stomach? Little extra fat in unwanted places? Or worse? Now take your imagination into a mind stretching suggestion that your body IS your inner child.

At birth you were given a precious little body and a clear mind. Both ready to absorb whatever was presented. Now begin to see how that little baby body and mind are calling out to you now to take over responsibility for your own wellbeing. And when you look at your body or your face in the mirror tell it you are sorry for all the abuse that has happened while you were growing up in an unconscious world bombarding it and sometimes as terrible as been raped! Tell it that you are sorry, ask it for forgiveness. Tell it you love it and that you are now Awake and you will make a conscious effort to take care of it and repair the damage.

Most of all, tell your body that it is loved just as it is now. Because accepting how you are now is our greatest lesson of the body and it will release your guilt and set you free to take the baby steps to a healthier you.

Expand your imagination just a little more and begin to see the body today as the child. Your inner child. If it hurts somewhere, then treat it with the same compassion you would to any child who needs to have a moment of acknowledgement that they are cared for and loved.

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